“Welcome to our Tasting Panel of extra virgin olive oil of Universidad de La Serena”.

We are an autonomous and independent entity for the valuation of virgin olive oil. Founded in 2004, This began as a 3 year Project financed by FDI/CORFO: “Fortalecimiento del Sector Olivícola de la Región de Coquimbo a través del desarrollo y diferenciación de aceites de calidad” [Improvement of the Olive Sector in Coquimbo Region through Production and Differentiation of Quality Oil] between the Agricultural Research Institute (INIA)and Universidad de La Serena (ULS).

Nowadays, with more than 9 years’ experience, we are an objective source of support to farmers and olive industries, providing knowledge from 4 main points: production, quality, gastronomy and tourism. These 4 points reflect what our country, region, province and commune are. In our commune, for example, there is a large planted area with modern oil varietals. Our fifth point of development is to educate and create an informed culture when it comes time to select and consume EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL’s.

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